Working Schematic Diagram

Entire Working Schematic Diagram for big events
This is the entire working schematic diagram. During a big event, the organizer may need to manage stage performance, lighting effects, sound effects, fireworks show and others,   the OmegaFire system can be controlled through its Controller, for example, the organizer can transmit START command to start the fireworks show, so that the show will be in the same phase with other effects.
In this situation, the manger of the fireworks show can monitor through the computer.
All parts can connect either wirelessly or with cables.


If it is a unique fireworks show, users can use a computer to make the show and play music.
It is powerful and easy, especially when there are some special requirements, it is adequate.

Users can directly use a master to fire firing modules wirelessly, the range is 100m.
This is suitable for some small prefessional shows, simple, easy and reliable.

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