RF Technology-Frequency
RF Technology is very important for a wireless system. RFRemotech have been working in the field and specilizes in the technology.
Why we use 433.92MHz but not 315MHz or 2.4G etc.?
Firstly 433.92MHz and 2.4GHz are legal in the USA and Europe, and 315MHz is illegal in Europe and can't be used. Wireless devices must be FCC compliant in the USA and CE compliant in Europe.
Secondly, under the same restricted condition of FCC and CE, devices with lower frequency 433MHz can work out longer transmitting ranges, the frequency especially suits the requirements of Fireworks Firing Systems. But 2.4GHz is not suitable for long range under the condition.
On the other hand, lower frequency signals can passby obstacles like a building easily, 2.4G signals are easily blocked by obstacles.
Then 2.4GHz frequency can transfer mass datas, it is widely used in domestic appliances like WiFi, wireless telephone etc., the device can be interferenced easily.

As wireless firing systems require long ranges and low transfer rates, and its antijam fearture is highly required, 433.92MHz is the best option.

Overload & Short Protection

In a fireworks show, firing currents will probably be too heavy when a heavy power is used, and igniters will probably short during wiring, and the system's internal components and traces can be damaged easily. So firing systems must be with the ability being drained heavy current outputs.  An optimized circuit frame, reasonable technical parameters and matching programs are necessary. RFRemotech's hardware, firmware and software engineers work together to have the best solutions.

Anti-jamming Performance
Jamming comes from 3 factors:
Static electricity. Static electricities may damage firing systems, spurious trigger firing.
RF Interference-Strong signs and the same frequency signs. They will lead to spurious triggering, or make a firing system not to fire at all.
Electrostatic prevention can be achieved through selecting eligible components / parts without too big problem.
RF Circuits should be designed to be with the ability fighting strong signs. Normally if an RF circuit is not reasonable, it may become a coupling circuit of strong signs, the firing system will be unexpectedly triggered.It is very dangerous and will probably do harm to bodies. 

If an RF Circuit is sensitive, the other same frequency signs may trigger the system easily. On the contrary, the firing system will response slowly. Sensitivity and anti-jamming performance are in conflicting with each other. RFRemotech's firmware engineers worked out special programs to gurantee the excellent features of the system, especially when the CRC encryption is adopted, the firing systems become safer, more reliable and sensitive.

Wireless Solutions

ASK (OOK) and FSK are used widely in the field fireworks show for the purpose of wireless firing, the range can reach from 20 meters to several thousand meters, it is eligible for yard fireworks shows and some small or middle fireworks shows. Among FSK is with better reliability, steady and make firing systems more sensitive.

Most Wireless Products must be FCC / CE compliant in the USA or Europe. The circuit frames must be designed according to the rules. Qualitified components are basal, especially in RF circuits. RFRemotech has rich experence in certification, and ever worked with some China Electronics Laboratories.

Besides of the RF solution, we have the ability to work out Ethernet Control, so that the remote range is unlimited.

Automatically Reset Resistant
Some companies use two power sources separately for the firing circuit and the supply circuit, so that the MCU or Chip will not been affected by the firing circuit and the system will not reset. Then the system needs two power sources, if users use external power to power the system, it is very inconvenient and almost impossible.
RFRemotech worked out a perfect solution with unique supply power for the system, even though the firing
circumstance is very bad, the MCU will still perform normally.

Computer Editor
RFRemotech Fireworks Shower Editor is with the ability editing firing cues by playing a music or a combined melody, batch editing a lot of firing cues each time and accurately set firing cues manually. Users can easily design a firing script at will. The software is with friendly and clear interface, you don't worry how to use it.
Among RFRemotech Melody Combiner can combine loseless music with WAV format or MP3 music.

APP for PC Tablet and Intelligent Mobile Phone
RFRemotech worked out an Android APP which can work with OmegaFire Internet Control System, users can use a Tablet PC or Intelligent Mobile Phone to fire the system, and the information of the firing system is visible in the Android device. It is very useful, the remote range becomes unlimited, and the user's feeling will be better.

Timing Error
RFRemotech uses GPS to calibrate time of multiple master units of OmegaFire system, and the timing error is less than 1 ms. It specially guarantee the success of big shows.

Master and Slave Technology
We currently use RS485 for the communication of Masters and Slaves, the RS485 wiring range can be more than 1000 meters. In order to make the communication is reliable, RFRemotech made a special setting and protocols in transfer rate, frequency etc. after calculate and a lot of trial.

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