Components and Parts

Components and Parts

Big Show Firing System OmegaFire is a great system made by RFRemotech. We started the research and development in 2008, it has experienced ten years to have a final version. During the period, we had made tons of work to test the newest technologies and kinds of solution, approx 30 engineers had ever joined the task and millions of US dollars had been spent.


80,000 Firing Cues
2,500 Firing Modules
50 Masters

All information shows on a computer.

SYNC Information, Configuration Information and Test Result

ID-Module ID, Master ID, Logic ID.
Cue Test Result-Valid, Invalid-Broken, Short.
Voltages-Firing Voltage, Batteries Voltage, Charging Voltage.
Firing Scripts in masters and firing modules.
Signal intensity.
Everything is controllable and visible.

Wireless Connection, no messed cables, no heavy labor

SEMTECH LoRa™ Technology and Ad Hoc Network Technology,
make the Wireless Connection reliable and steady.

Accurate Timing for large scale firing, error less than 1 millisecond

Every unit has a GPS module inside, GPS Timing is at nanosecond level.

Independent Powers

You can fire fireworks in the same millisecond as many as you need.

Ethernet Communication makes range limitless

WAN / LAN are well known technologies, steady and reliable. It makes the range limitless to use a computer to control the units of the field.



Just designed for firing systems. Easy to insert or remove two wires of an igniter in the same time. Save 80% time. With flame retardant, wear-resisting.

Professional Case

Rain proof, fallen protective, solid and elegant, absolute high class.

This system is not only for large scale celebrations like Olympic Games, New Year Eve, National Day etc. but also for some small shows.

Big Show made by OmegaFire
Sanya, China.
PM10:00, 12-31-2018
OmegaFire Basal

Intellectualized Masterslave Firing System OmegaFire Basal

Internet Control Firing System OmegaFireOmegaFire Basal is an Intellectualized fireworks firing system, which can be controlled by an Android device through LAN / WAN access, or RF wireless transmitters. When a user wants to have LAN or WAN Control, he can use a Tablet PC or  a SmartPhone to control the system. It is specially convenient and easy to use a SmartPhone to fire a show.

Besides of the Intelligent Controllers, the OmegaFire Basal system can work with RF transmitters for short range 200m fireworks shows. 

OmegaFire Basal can easily achieve Music Control through using a Android device.  If users want to use RF transmitters to have Music Control, the RFRemotech Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U is recommended. Then a SmartPhone or Tablet PC performs Music Control more perfect.

The masterslave combination of OmegaFire is consists of one master unit and lots of  firing modules (slaves), a controller can work with a masterslave combination synchronously.Internet Control Firing System OmegaFire

RFRemotech Fireworks Editor software and Melody Combiner software are used to edit fireworks show scripts.

Some features of the system:
Internet Control Firing System OmegaFire  A. LAN / WAN Controllable. You can even trigger firing from any location of the world, or build your local LAN and use your SmartPhone to fire your fireworks shows.
  B. RF Control available. Just use it like a conventional wireless firing system.
  C. Wireless Firing or Timer Firing selectable. Among Timer Firing includes Countdown Firing and Firing according to GPS time, remote controllers are not necessary.
  D. Can work out Music Control Firing.
  E. Programmable and Intellectualized, can work out any script you require.
  F. Unlimited Firing Points, is also suitable for big shows.
  G. Program Firing, Dividual Firing & Steper Firing, all in one.
  H. Remote-upgradable.
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