RFRemotech provides On Time service. Utilized telephones and internet services such as Email, Skype messaging and web cams for instant communication, your projects are gotten completed faster and trouble free. Express services such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL assure rapid delivery. Your product can be delivered in 2-5 days.

RFRemotech's engineer team is consist of hardware engineers, firmware engineers, software engineers and RF engineers etc., and the manufacturing team is with rich experence. We have the ability designing and manufacturing complicated systems and have them into production. You will find process controllable and cooperation easy.

We are honest, responsible, professional businessmen, we are trustworthy.


We have the ODM ability below:
1. Circuit design.
2. Chip program, i.e. Microchip, STM series, STC series.
3. Windows software.
4. Adriod software.
5. RF control.
6. WiFi control.
7. Injection mold.
8. CAD & 3D.
Among we have rich experience in designing fireworks firing systems, not only we can make modification on our existing systems, but alos we can customize other firing systems.

OEM ability:
Many Mainland manufacturing companies have been working with our manufacturing team, we also have rich experience in QC and deadline control.

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