2 Channel 4 Mode Relay Receiver RR2LNC

2 Channel 4 Mode Relay Receiver RR2LNC
  • 2 Channel 4 Mode Relay Receiver RR2LNC
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2 Channel Relay Receiver, Learning Code type, 4 control modes are built in the same unit for each channel. Each of the two channels can work individually.
Code Type:     Learning Code
Output Mode:     Latch On/Latch Off/Momentary/Toggle
Supply Power:     12VDC
Quiescent Current:     8mA
Operation Current:     25mA or so
Relay:     10A 28VDC/7A 240VAC
Dimension:     54mm x 39mm x 20mm
The matching transmitter: All RFRemotech OOK transmitters/remotes are compatible with the receivers.
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