Programmable Masterslave Firing System OmegaFire Basal

A. Masterslave Firing System
OmegaFire Basal is a Programmable Masterslave Fireworks Firing System with LoRa Technology, which has excellent antijam performance and can achieve long range control. 

OmegaFire Basal
B. Multiple Firing Modes
There are selectable Wireless Control Firing,  Timer Firing and Wired Firing. In Wireless Control Firing Mode, users can use RF Transmitters to start firing; in Timer Firing Mode, users can use Countdown Firing or Timing Firing. 
Not only users can use a PC to generate firing points as many as you need, but also you can edit firing points in the Master.

C. Music Fireworks Show
Users can use Multifunctional Transmitter TLR1000-X to achieve Music Fireworks Shows. TLR1000-X has HD Audio output. Users can use RFRemotech Showeditor software to create files to input into TLR1000-X, the transmitter can recognize the audio file built in the script file.

When OmegaFire Basal works with RFRemotech Multifunctional Transmitter TLR1000-X, through RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor software, users can easily have Music Fireworks Shows.

D. Timer Firing
OmegaFire BasalMaster unit M2X can be set to be Countdown Timer Firing, so that users don't need to use transmitters for a show.

E. Friendly PC Interfaces
RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software control for Firework Displays
Easy and friendly PC software, users can combine melodies by the software.
Internet Control Firing System OmegaFire
RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software can DEMO a script in a PC
F. CE Certificated

F. Latest Firmware, Software etc.

RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor Software: 


Used for script edit of fireworks show. Released on Sept.07, 2023.
Click to download a video to learn 
How to Use Showeditor Pro.
Available under Windows XP / 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10. 
This version is completely different from the former versions, the Melody Combiner is embeded in the software, the created PRJ file by the software can be moved into RFRemotech Multifunctional Transmitter TLR1000-X, the transitter can recognize the music in the PRJ file. 

If users have failures when install RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor software, you can click and download the the zipped file folderand unzip it to install the USB driver manually: USB Driver
or you can also change the setting of your PC according to the guides below:
For Windows 8.0: 
How to make Window 8 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 8.1: 
How to make Window 8.1 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 10:   
How to make Window 10 allow the installation of the driver  

Firmware of Master Unit M2X:

Click to download or copy and paste the link to download and update the firmware according to the Guide inside.
Released on Dec. 24, 2019. The version is M2_APP_V8.2.2BD.dfu.

Firmware of Slave Unit OF12Q:
Downlod and unzip the files and update the firmware according to the Guide inside.
Released on Nov.25, 2015.

Firmware of Slave Unit OF32Q:
Downlod and unzip the files and update the firmware according to the Guide inside.
Released on Nov.25, 2015.

Application samples and comments of users

Thomas's Fireworks Show 2016, using OmegaFire system, Music Control. (Malta, 08-03-2016):

Professor Stefan's Fireworks show made with OmegaFire Basal system in Germany (07-05-2019):
Oliver Margarson's comments on the system (UK, 11-09-2016):
"We have done lots of testing with Omega Fire and it’s really good, I like it, I do think the most important new feature you should be considering is some method of live USB connection to a PC, so it can be controlled directly as the show is firing.
Have a look at the below, this was the end of one of our latest shows, all done with Omega Fire, synced with the music and light show "

A master can be connected to 255 firing modules --3060 firing points for 12 cue module / 8160 firing points for 32 cue module.
LoRa Modulation for RF Control, 433MHz. Range from 200m to 1000m.
Three  Wireless Firing Modes--Program Firing, Manual Firing and Steper Firing.

  Recommended Items
  • OmegaFire Basal System Master Unit M2X
    Master Unit M2X
    The Master Unit M2X of OmegaFire Basal, can be connected to at most 255 pcs of firing module, work at LoRa RF Control, can achieve the functions like editing firing script, managing firing modules and...

    $480 per unit

  • 12 cue OmegaFire Basal System Firing Module OF12Q
    Firing Module OF12Q
    A 12 cue Firing Module, the slave unit of OmegaFire, can be connected to the Master Unit M2 through RS485, Dual Powers, Firmware remote-upgradable, with Overload Protection.

    $120 per unit

  • 32 cue OmegaFire Basal System Firing Module OF32Q
    Firing Module OF32Q
    A 32 cue Firing Module, the slave unit of OmegaFire Basal, can be connected to the Master Unit M2 through RS485.  Firmware remote-upgradable. With Overload Recovery, Short Protection, c...

    $248 per unit

  • OmegaFire Basal Test
    OmegaFire Basal Test
    Basal combination, easy to have a 44 cue programmable system, can DEMO all functions of OmegaFire Basal system.

    $1146 per unit

  • RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor (Software)
    RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor is used for editing scripts of fireworks show, can intuitively and easily work out Manual Firing, Bulk Firing and Music Fireworks Show. Users can set any quantity of fi...

    $300 per unit

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