A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q

A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q
  • A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q
  • A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q
  • A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q
  • A 32 cue Program Fireworks Firing System MB32Q
Item No.:
Includes: 1x Dividual Firing Transmitter TCF200-12LN
1x Program Firing Transmitter TCF200-6XT
1x Firing Module PC32Q
1x Disk (files)
1x Charger
1x Alligator Clip Wire
1x USB Wire
1x Carrying Case
Packing: Plastic case
Price: US$372 per unit
Shipping: US$50 for first item, then +US$45 each, via Express, worldwide,  Shipping time  5-10 days. Contact us for details.


MB32Q is an Programmable 32 cue system, consists of a Dividual Firing Transmitter, a Program Firing Transmitter and a Firing Module. The combination can work out the the functions like:
Remote Range 200m.
Dividual Firing;
Program Firing, including Start, Pause / Continue, Stop etc.;
Stepper Firing;
You can DEMO your firing show in a PC or the module in advance.
You can edit program through either LCD and buttons in the module or a PC.
Others like FSK Modulation, Overload Protection, Reverse Protection, Dual Powers,CRC Encryption etc..

FCC & CE certificated.

The features of the main parts.

Firing Module
Model No.: PC32Q
Modulation Type: FSK, 433.92MHz
Cue: 32
Programmable: Yes
Upgradable: Yes
Working Voltage: DC 9V to 27V
Power: Internal 10x AA battery, Rechargeable or Disposable, External 1 or 2x 12V SLA battery
Firing current: >750mA, Max. 15A each cue.
Test current: <40mA
Mini Firing Interval: 1 millisecond
Sizes: 236x144x45mm, antenna is retractile and folded.
Working Temperature: from -10°C to 50°C
FCC / CE certificated.

Dividual Firing Transmitter
Model No.:TCF200-12LN
Modulation Type: RF radio, FSK, 433.92MHz
Buttons: Numeric 1, 2, 3, ... , 9, 10, 12
Remote Range: 200m
23A 12
V battery
Learning Code
Certificate: FCC & CE

Program Firing Transmitter
Model No.:TCF200-6XT
Modulation Type: RF radio, FSK, 433.92MHz
Start, Steper, Pause, Continue, Stop & Lock/Unlock
Remote Range: 200m
23A 12V battery
Learning Code
Certificate: FCC & CE

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MAY included batteries for transmitters, but NOT included batteries for firing module.

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