Programmable Fireworks Firing System MB32 Series

RFRemotech Fireworks Firing System MB32Q for Firework Displays
MB32 Series are high grade  Programmable Wireless Fireworks Firing Systems, which took two years for our engineer team to work out all details. You can currently use your computer to edit a firing script easily. Thre is also a Melody Combiner, which you can combine multiple melodies to be one according to scences, and then assign firing points through playing the combined melody.

Not only you can use a computer to generate firing points as many as you need, but also you can edit firing points in the firing module.

Of course the system can work like other conventional firing systems.  

When you use a multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U work with the firing modules, you can use Audio play to work with the transmitter to have Music Control.

You can go here to see how the MB32Q system works:
Great Features (click to see detailed descriptions):

You can download the PDF file to see detailed description:
MB32Q Fireworks Firing System TCF200-U work with the firing modules
A transmitter can work with multiple firing modules synchronously.  The quantity of the module is unlimited.
A audio player can control a Multifunctional Transmitter.
Users can program firing modules as many as you need.

Easy, intuitive and friendly PC Interfaces
RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software control for Firework Displays
RFRemotech Wireless Firing System PC software can DEMO a script in a PC

Users can find latest version of the softwares below:

RFRemotech Fireworks Show Editor Software: Showeditor_V5.2.5BD.exe
Used for script edit of fireworks show. 
Released on Mar.12, 2020.
Click to download a video to learn How to Use Showeditor Pro.
Available under Windows XP / 7 / 8.0 / 8.1 / 10. 
This version is completely different from the former versions, the Melody Combiner is embeded in the software, melodies combined by the software can trigger RFRemotech Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U. The TCF200-U must be the last version.

If users have failures when install RFRemotech Fireworks Showeditor software, you can click and download the the zipped file folderand unzip it to install the USB driver manually: USB Driver
 or you can also change the setting of your PC according to the guides below:
For Windows 8.0: 
How to make Window 8 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 8.1: 
How to make Window 8.1 allow the installation of the driver
For Windows 10:   How to make Window 10 allow the installation of the driver   

Please notes: If you use older version TCF200-U to have Music Control Firing, you need to use this version of Melody Combiner Software:

Firmware Updates:
The Firmware of firing module PC32Q has been updated as well, which can work well with latest software Showeditor. You can download the Firmware to update it:

The version is V6.1.1 released on Mar.06, 2020.

Feedbacks of users:

 .I really enjoy shooting with the MB32Q setup and it hasn't failed once.
.The MB32Q system is a good system, I do not have a lot of the issues that the Cobra system has.


Model No.: PC32Q
Modulation Type: FSK, 433.92MHz
Cues: 32
Programmable: Yes
Upgradable: Yes
Working Voltage: DC 9V to 27V
Power: Internal 10x AA battery, rechargeable or disposable, external 1 or 2x 12V SLA battery or others
Firing current: >750mA, Max. 15A each cue.
Test current: <40mA
Min. Firing Interval: 1 millisecond
Sizes: 236x144x45mm, antenna is retractile and folded.
Working Temperature: from -10°C to 50°C
FCC / CE certificated.

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