Q21: What are the system requirements to run your Melody Combiner software and Show Editor software?


The software interface is friendly used, can run in Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 /10.

Q22: Why is the remote range of my system short?


There are following factors which may lead to a short remote range:
1. The power of the transmitter / remote has drained off and too low. You can replace the battery to try.
2. The frequency of either the transmitters or receivers has shifted, you need to send back the unit to the factory to fix the problem.
3. The sensitivity of the receiver is too poor. The same you need to send back to the factory to fix.

Q23: Why my 7th version module RF1A2 didn't fire Nichrome Wires?


1. You need to use 6LR61 9V batteries for the modules, and the fresh ones are better. If you use Zinc-C batteries, the Zinc-C batteries can only flow weak currents which can't fire the wires.
2. The Nichrome Wires should be slim and short.

Q24: Is my payment safe?


Comparing with most of other Chinese companies, RFRemotech is entirely different.The owner of the company thinks the business is given by God, and honesty and integrity are very important, for he is a convinced Christian. Don't worry of your money.

Q25:  I used the Show Editor software to edit a fireworks show. When I reopened the saved PRJ file with music, the loaded music was missing. How to fix the problem?


You can just run the software as administrator like below:

Move your mouse on the RFRemotech icon and right click it to find the option “Run as Administrator” , then open the saved file, the music will be there.

Q26:  When I used TCF200-U with my OmegaFire / MB32Q system to have Music Control and play the combined music in my player, the Master M2 / MB32Q Module started and then stoped immediately. How to do?


You were using an older version TCF200-U, it is not compatible with the combined melody which was made by the latest Melody Combiner software. You can use this elder version of Melody Combiner Software:

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