The following information is for the latest RFRemotech Wireless Firing Systems, may not be available for the old ones.

Q01: Can I use an Interval Firing Transmitter TCL2000-12LNX to fire more than 12 RF1A?


It can't be achieved for AlphaFire modules RF1A and its matching transmitters, but is available for AlphaFire 12QS Pro, there is a GROUP function in the AlphaFire 12QS Pro, with which can fire 144 modules at most in Interval Firing mode. Following is the website of the AlphaFire 12QS Pro:

Q02: What are the differences between the AlphaFire Series and AlphaFire Pro Series?


Following are the differences:

1. AlphaFire series are in OOK modulation while AlphaFire Pro series are in FSK. FSK performs much better than OOK in Antijam, Steady and Reliability features.  
2. AlphaFire Pro firing mdoules can work with a Steper Firing Transmitter TCF200-6XT, the systems can achieve Steper Firing, while AlphaFire system can not.
3. AlphaFire Pro series have a GROUP function, this makes it is possible to fire at most 144 firing modules with only one transmitter at either Interval Firing or Steper Firing.

Q03: Can I use one remote / transmitter to fire multiple firing modules (receivers) simultaneously?


Yes, you can make multiple firing modules to learn the same remote / transmitter, the quantity of the module is infinite. The matching of transmitters / remotes and firing modules can be set by users.

Q04: I tried to fire all cues of my 32 cue firing module in the same time through pressing the Button ALL of the Interval Firing Transmitter, but some cues failed, why?


Please check if the power is powerful enough. The firing current is required 24 Amps for 32 cues and 9 Amps for 12 cues simultaneously , some types of igniter may require heavier current, a 4Ah SLA may not be adequate for a 32 cue system in this situation, you need to use a more Ah battery. Don’t use too old battery as the internal resistance value may be too high to fire. 

Q05: Can I use reusable igniters?


Reusable igniters can be used in any current firing system. Please notes:
1. If the reusable igniters require heavy current and more than 500ms firing time, firing may fail, for the power will be drained very low and can't flow heavy current for a long time.
2.If the power of a firing system is weak, it can probably not fire the igniter.
3.If users use Interval Firing and the interval is too short, you are probably be able to fire the first cue, and then the following can't fire at all.
Totally a powerful power should be used for reusable igniters.

Q06: I want to simultaneously fire 6 cues of my 32 cue system MS32Q, how to do?


MS32Q can do this. Then the Intelligent Programmable MB32Q series can work it out.

Q07: My firing module was not working correctly with the transmitter, and sometimes the transmitting distance was very short though it worked, what’s the problem?


1. When the battery of transmitter is low, the frequency may shift. You can replace the battery to try.
2. Please don’t place multiple firing modules too close in the same time, as these modules are the oscillation sources when they work and will interfere to each other and the working  distance will be shortened.
3. Please check if there is a same frequency source nearby, if the source works, the transmitting range will be shortened largely.

Q08: Do these firing systems come with igniters / e-matches?


We don't supply igniters / e-matches for the restriction of Air Transportation. Local purchase for the igniters / e-matches is recommended.

Q09: Which type of igniter /e-match should I use? Can I use igniters with long wires?


Overload Protection is adopted in all RFRemotech new version firing modules. Currently any disposable type of igniter / e-match can work with RFRemotech new version Firing Systems AlphaFire, AlphaFire Pro, MS12Q, MS32Q and MB32Q and OmegaFire. The following old versions can’t work with the igniter / e-match of which the firing time is over 300ms:
RF1A of AlphaFire: The 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 4th version
RF1C of AlphaFire: The 1st and 2nd version
SuperbFire: The 1st , 2nd, and 3rd
MagicFire B: The test version and the 1st version
If you are not sure of the version of the firing system you have, you can contact RFRemotech.

Q10: How many igniters / e-matches can be fired in each cue? Series connection or parallel connection?


It depends on the power and the features of igniter / e-match. If the power can flow more than 10 amper current and the igniters / e-matches are sensitive with small resistance values, you can connect 5-10 igniters / e-matches in series connection or 2-5 in parallel connection. Normally unique igniter / e-match on each cue is recommended if you don't know the power and the igniters / e-matches.

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