EasyClips 2P

EasyClips 2P
  • EasyClips 2P
  • EasyClips 2P
  • EasyClips 2P
  • EasyClips 2P
Item No.:
Includes: 1x Main Body 2P
2x Nut Plastic
2x Solder Pad
2x Gasket Nut
Packing: Plastic bag
Price: US$2.0 per unit
Shipping: US$6 for first item, then +US$0.2 each, by Postal Air,  shipping time  5-30 days. Contact us for the discount of batch purchase.


Can insert two wires each time, save 80% time;

Save effort;
Small mounting dimensions;
Can be fixed on PCBs or have wiring through solders.
Wear-resistant and Flame retardant material.

It took us 7 months to develop EasyClips.
We had done more than 10 prototypes before have the final design. After a lot of tests, the EasyClips were verified far better than the other brands of clips.

are specially for connecting and removing igniters of firing systems. Comparing with other types of clips, not only EasyClips 2P saves 80% time but also these clips save effort, they make the work become very easy. On the other hand, EasyClips make firing systems look very professional. If you are a hobbyist of DIY firing system, it is a great component.

Although it is so easy to use,
the connection is very tight.

Material: Plastic PC and Nylon, stainless steel and electroplating metal material.
Two types of Wiring: To solder wires or fixed on PCB through nuts.

Video for easy and quick wiring
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Based on the quantity of the clips:
20-99 units: 15% off, 
100-299 units: 25% off
300-999 units: 32% off
1000 units or more, contact us for the special discount.
Any batch purchase please contact us for the discount.
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