Components and Parts

Editor Interface

Simple, easy and friendly then powerful interface

Visible assignment of Masters and Firing Modules

Quick and easy to select cues to edit

Firing and Management Interface

Synchronization, managing parts, configuration, firing etc. can be completed in this simple interface. It is a so easy system.

Firing according to sections


Automatic Synchronization technology. Multiple bidirectional communications work together to ensure the system can work at all types of condition.

Firing Module S3

Master M3

4 bidirectional communications: RF Wireless, RS485, LAN and Ethernet.
GPS Timing and Positioning.
Charging 36VDC, internal 18650 Li-ion battery, flexible.
Fallen-protective, Transport-protective, solid case, falling will not damage the unit.

Smart Charger

Intelligent Charger, can automatically schedule charging.
Input: 90-240V AC
Output: 36V DC
Power: 100-300 Watt
Capacity: 40 pcs of slave, master or controller.
Compatible with slaves, masters and controllers.
Can be easily connected to the masters, controllers and slaves through cables.


Just designed for firing systems. Easy to insert or remove two wires of an igniter in the same time. Save 80% time. With flame retardant.
Click the pic above to see the details)

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