How to connect the PC, controller - field masters and firing modules

We use Ethernet WAN/LAN as the main communication (Communication 1) to connect the PC, controller and field masters, and use LoRa Wireless or RS485 cables (Communication 2) to connect masters and modules.

Communication 1
Ethernet Technology is steady and reliable and becoming more and more advanced, is without any problem for the communication purpose at any ranges. It connects devices through WIFI wireless and RJ45 cable or Optical Fiber, LAN or WAN, is suitable for all situation.

Communication 2
LoRa technology is used for wirelessly connecting masters and firing modules in the field. LoRa is with excellent performance in anti-interference feature, reliability and stability, can be used instead of cables at most situation.
RS485 is a simple and easy technology for communication purpose. OmegaFire is with the technology.

Normally WIFI wireless and LoRa wireless bring great convenience and save a lot of labor to make every unit connected. Then in some special situation, wireless technology is not permitted to be used, users can use RJ45 cables, Optical Fiber and RS485 cables to suit the requirements.

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