Big Show Firing System OmegaFire

professional firing system

OmegaFire is an advanced fireworks firing system, is a professional version with the ability to fire 80,000 fireworks or more. It is with the following features:
1. Computer Control. Windows computers are used for edit, managing units, synchronization, monitoring status, firing, music control etc., most works can be achieved in a computer.
2. RF Wireless Connection. The most advanced RF technology is adopted, all units can be connected wirelessly, no cables are necessary during a show, simple and flexible.
3. Powerful Software. Windows Showmaker software is with 3 types of edit, 3 types of firing etc..
4. Four communication methods work in the same time to guarantee that the system will never be out of control.
5. Super Capacitors are used for firing igniters, and the firing current is absolutely reliable.
6. Optimized Power Managment solution.
7. EasyClips save 80% time for users to connect igniters.
8. GPS Timing and Positioning, timing error is approx 10ns (0.00001ms), firing error is less than 0.001s, and units can be found in a map.
8. Professional Cases. Main parts are fallen-protective, waterproof and transport protection designed, falling or crash will not damage the units.

This system is specially for large scale celebrations like Olympic Games, New Year Eve, National Day etc..

Big Show made by OmegaFire
Sanya, China.
PM10:00, 12-31-2018
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