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RFRemotech Fireworks Firing system company

RFRemotech Fireworks Firing system company

RFRemotech is a Hi-tech company authenticated by the Government, which is specializing in advanced technology products in the field of Radio Frequency Remote Control and is the designer and manufacturer of RFRemotech brand products. RFRemotech company owns copyrights of the products in profiles, partial circuits, entire software and firmware and file etc., we have had some patents and some of products are patent pending. Any one who copies the units may violate the Law.  

We services customers all over the world. Most Wireless Firing Systems were certified with FCC and CE, it is legal to use the units in the corresponding countries and districts.

Our office is located in Guangzhou International Business Incubator of Guangzhou Science City, the most modern National-level Hi-tech Development Zone. It is approved by China Government.

We are increasing investment in the Wireless Firing Systems and making the effort to become a powerful company in the field.

RFRemotech Fireworks Firing system company

Patents & Certificates
Most of the products are FCC & CE certificated, legal in the United State and Europe.
We have approx a lot of patents in the firing system field.
Some of the certificates are listed below.
FCC Certificate of Firing Module RF1A CE Certificate of Firing Module RF1K FCC Certificate of Tranmitter TCF200-6XT FCC Certificate of Transmitter TCF200-12LN FCC Certificated of Firing Module RF32D Patent of Firing System


Certificate of Advanced Technology Enterprises
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