Windows software-Showmaker.

RFRemotech Showmaker software is specially for the OmegaFire Pro system. Through using it, users can edit scripts, manage all units and fire shows etc.. Intuitive and friendly interface make it easy to edit and fire shows.

Windows Computers make most tasks can be completed in computers, and users don't need to go the places where the firing units are placed.

Communication Technology.

The computer can communicate with masters through cables, bidirectional RF, LAN and Ethernet, and is extendable for other wireless communications like GPRS, FM radio etc..

Synchronization Technology.
RFRemotech uses the synchronization of the computer and masters.  Any access will make the computer to remember and store the masters IDs, once the masters are connected to the system, the computer will automatically recongnize them whatever communication is.

Power Solution

Power Supply(Power Pile) is with input 90-240VAC / output 36V DC / 300W,  and 36VDC Super Capacitor is used for firing, internal rechargeable LIPO battery, users don’t need to prepare a lot of battery for a big show and all the required current by the system is sufficient.

Security And Firewall Technology.

Special Communication Protocol keeps the system not to be triggered by illegal devices. We also set Firewall to prevent from the attack of hackers.

GPS Timing and Positioning Technology.

The GPS Timing makes the timing precise better than 1 millisecond, and GPS Positioning can let users find where different units are placed in a map.


EasyClips are designed for connecting igniters, it is very easy to insert or remove two wires of an igniter in a large range in the same time, save 80% time.

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