Intellectualized Masterslave Firing System OmegaFire

Internet Control Firing System OmegaFireOmegaFire is an Intellectualized fireworks firing system, which can be controlled by an Android device through LAN / WAN access, or RF wireless transmitters. When a user wants to have LAN or WAN Control, he can use a Tablet PC or  a SmartPhone to control the system. It is specially convenient and easy to use a SmartPhone to fire a show.

Besides of the Intelligent Controllers, the OmegaFire system can work with RF transmitters for short range 200m fireworks shows. 

OmegaFire can easily achieve Music Control through using a Android device.  If users want to use RF transmitters to have Music Control, the RFRemotech Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U is recommended. Then a SmartPhone or Tablet PC performs Music Control more perfect.

The masterslave combination of OmegaFire is consists of one master unit and lots of  firing modules (slaves), a controller can work with a masterslave combination synchronously.Internet Control Firing System OmegaFire

RFRemotech Fireworks Editor software and Melody Combiner software are used to edit fireworks show scripts.

Some features of the system:
Internet Control Firing System OmegaFire  A. LAN / WAN Controllable. You can even trigger firing from any location of the world, or build your local LAN and use your SmartPhone to fire your fireworks shows.
  B. RF Control available. Just use it like a conventional wireless firing system.
  C. Wireless Firing or Timer Firing selectable. Among Timer Firing includes Countdown Firing and Firing according to GPS time, remote controllers are not necessary.
  D. Can work out Music Control Firing.
  E. Programmable and Intellectualized, can work out any script you require.
  F. Unlimited Firing Points, is also suitable for big shows.
  G. Program Firing, Dividual Firing & Steper Firing, all in one.
  H. Remote-upgradable.
OmegaFire Pro

Big Show Firing System OmegaFire Pro

OmegaFire Pro is an advanced fireworks firing system, is a professional version with the ability to fire 100,000 fireworks or more. It is with the following features:
1. Windows computers are used for edit, managing units, synchronization, monitoring status, firing, music control etc., most works can be achieved in a computer.
2. Windows Showmaker software is with 3 types of edit, 3 types of firing etc..
3. Four communication methods work in the same time to guarantee that the system will never be out of control.
4. Super Capacitors are used for firing igniters, and the firing current is absolutely reliable.
5. A 90-240V AC power or 12-24V DC power can supply power to many many units.
6. EasyClips save 80% time for users to connect igniters.
7. GPS timing and positioning, timing error is approx 10ns (0.00001ms), and units can be found in a map.
8. Main parts are fallen-protection and waterproof designed, falling will not damage the units.

This system is specially for large scale celebrations like Olympic Games, New Year Eve, National Day etc..
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