Transmitting Units
RFRemotech (E-MadeinCHN) provides standard units for common applications. Many products and designs are in our inventory, and can be delivered within 1-7 days for small quantities or 15-25 days for mass quantities. Similar units can be customized with short lead time.
Currently most of our long-distance transmitters/transmitting modules are not FCC/CE certified. Most super-regenerative receiver units aren’t applied for FCC/CE certification. Some OOK super-heterodyne units can reach FCC/CE requirements, normally their range is less than 100m. Most of FSK pairs have excellent performance and they meet FCC requirements, the maximum range can be more than 200m.
For some special applications, please contact us first.
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1) Standard remotes/keyfobs with case
TCR, TCW, TCS, TCP, TCG, TCL, TCF, TCWP etc.. Range 50m, 100m, 200m, . . . , 3000m.1 button, 2 buttons, . . . , 12 buttons.
2) Transmitting modules
ASK, FSK types, Range from 50m to 4000m; With/without encoder.

Receiver Units
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1) Relays receivers
With different output modes for multiple applications. From 1CH to 12 CH. Matched with standard transmitting units.
2) Receiver modules
ASK, FSK types.With/without decoder. Super-regenerative and super-heterodyne types.

Special Items
1) Magic Receivers
1CH, 2CH, FCC compliant versions. Click the icons below for detailed information.
Learning Code units. Each channel can work in Momentary, Toggle, Latch On and Latch Off mode through different LEARNING. In the same transmitter, different buttons work with multiple separate receivers. Receivers are placed in different locations discretely, only ONE transmitter works for application.
2) 2 TO 1, 4 TO 1, ... , 12 TO 1 System
In the same receiver, different relays are activated by multiple 1CH separate transmitters. Transmitters are placed in different locations.
3) Other Applications
We have many different designs in stock that may be reproduced to your specifications
For AC motor, learning code etc..

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