Big Show Firing System OmegaFire Pro

10 years: We have been working in fireworks firing field from 2008.
  5  years: We started the development of OmegaFire in 2012 and then the professional system in 2014.
With huge investments and hard work, RFRemotech professional firing system OmegaFire Pro is now ready. 
Advanced, easy, reliable, powerful, rugged and durable etc.. OmegaFire Pro is absolutely a Super Star in the field.
   Powerful-With the ability to fire more than 100,000  fireworks.
   Computerized Centralized Administration-Edit, Configuration, Change, Firing, Synchronization, Test, Monitoring etc. are done through computers, everything becomes controllable and easy.
   Safe-Reliable hardwares, firmwares and softwares, with Communication Sacurity and Firewall technology, prevent from any unexpected accidents.
    All Weather Communication-Cable, RF Wireless, LAN and Ethernet etc. make the communication  is always available, users can even fire or monitor a show from other cities.
    Multiple Firing Modes-Timing Firing, Countdown Firing,  Instant Firing and then Program Firing, Steper Firing and Manual Firing etc..
    Excellent Power Solution-Capacitor Firing, internal rechargeable LIPO battery, external 90-240V AC to 36V DC.
    EasyClips-Save 80% time to connect and remove igniters.
    Solid-The main components are with fallen-protective
construction, conventional falling will not damage the units.

Editor Interface

Simple, easy and friendly then powerful interface.

Firing and Management Interface

Synchronization, managing parts, configuration, firing etc. can be completed in this simple interface. It is a so easy system.


Automatic Synchronization technology. Multiple bidirectional communications work together to ensure the system can work at all types of condition.

Slave-Firing Module
32 cues, each cue can be extended to fire 10-30 igniters.
Super Capacitor firing, firing current will not be affected by supply power.
Power external 36VDC, internal LiPO battery, flexible.
EasyClips, save 80% time to connect or remove igniters.
Fallen-protection design, and with solid case, falling will not damage the unit. The case is also water-proof.
Master and Controller
Master and controller are with the same profile and hardware, but their firmwares are different.
4 bidirectional communications: RF Wireless, RS485, LAN and Ethernet.
RF Wireless more than 2000 meters, Max. 10000 meters.
GPS timing and positioning.
Power external 36VDC, internal LiPO battery, flexible.
Master is with the ability connecting at most 255 slaves.
Fallen-protection design, and with solid case, falling will not damage the unit. The case is also water-proof.

AC Power

Input: 90-240V AC
Output: 36V DC
Power: 100-300 Watt
Capacity: 50-100 pcs of slave, master or controller.
Shock-proof design.
Compatible with slaves, masters and controllers.
Can be easily connected to the masters, controllers and slaves through cables.


Just designed for firing systems. Easy to insert or remove two wires of an igniter in the same time. Save 80% time. With flame retardant.

Firing Capacity >100,000 fireworks
Firing Timeline Max.  9:59:59.000
Computer Edit Windows XP, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10
   Zoom in and zoom out Timeline Yes
   Edit scripts according to melodies Yes
   Edit melodies Yes
   Create Masters Yes, Max.999 units, 3-digital Logic ID
   Create Firing Modules Yes, Max.9999 units, 4-digital Logic ID
   Generate Firing Points in bulk Yes, no limitation
   Generate Firing Points individually Yes
   Use Mouse to generate Firing Points Yes
   Use Spacebar to generate Firing Points Yes
   Firing Point adjustment / delete Yes
   Firing Time Error adjustment Yes, from +9.999 seconds to -9.999 seconds
   Firing Point list Yes
   Master and Module list Yes
   Tree Diagram Yes
   Import firing script Yes, Excel format
   Export firing script Yes, Excel format
   Print firing script Yes, A4 size
Computer Control Firing Windows XP, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10
   Part Firing Yes
   Music Firing Yes
   Program Firing Yes
   Steper Firing Yes
   Dividual Firing Yes
   DEMO Firing Yes
   Instant Firing Yes
   Countdown Firing Yes
   Scheduled Time Firing Yes
Computer Management Windows XP, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10
   Test/Automatic Test Yes
   Logic ID assign / reassign Yes
   Download Program Yes
   Upload Program Yes
   GPS Timing Yes
   GPS Positioning Yes
Computer Monitoring  
    RF Signal Strength 0-100%
    Firing Voltage 0-24V
    Interal LIPO battery voltage 0-8.4V
    External power voltage 0-36V
    Synchronization status Yes
    Connected igniter status OK, short or broken
   Computers and Masters Bidirectional RF, LAN, Ethernet and Wired Cable
        Bidirectional RF Range 2,000m-10,000m
        Wired RS485 and USB, Distance Max.1,000m
        LAN Yes
        Ethernet Yes
        Extendable Yes
   Masters and Slaves RS485, Distance Max.1,000m between two units
   Automatic Synchronization Yes
   Manually Synchronization Yes
   Test/Check Test Result Yes
   Assign/Reassign Logic IDs Yes
   Internal Battery LIPO battery, 7.4V, rechargeable, selectable
   External Power 12-36V DC
   RF Communication Yes
   LAN/Ethernet Communication Yes
   RS485 Communication Yes
   Fallen-protective Yes
   Waterproof Yes
Slave-Firing Module  
   Cues 32 cues, from A1 to A8, B1 to B8, C1 to C8 and D1 to D8
   Test/Check Test Result Yes, Visible through LEDs
   Firing Power Super Capacitor, 24V
   Firing Voltage Max.24V
   Firing Current Max.20A
   Internal Battery LIPO battery, 7.4V, rechargeable, selectable
   External Power 12-36V DC
   Communication RS485
   Wiring Terminals EasyClips
   Waterproof Yes
AC Power  
   Capacity 75 Watt or 150 Watt
   Input 90-240V AC
   Output 36V DC
   Overload Protection Yes
   Shockproof Yes
   Waterproof No
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