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Wireless Radio

For Pyrotechnics, Fireworks Show

Radio Frequency (RF) technology has fireworks firing wireless, no messed wires are needed for fireworks show, its advantage is obvious.

Then comparing wired control firing solution, RF signal is possibly interrupted by interference, even sometimes interference signal may activate firing device though operation isn't done. It is very dangerous to body!

So Stability and Reliability are important for a wireless firing system. PCB layout, components selection, signal encryption technology etc. largely affect the performance of firing system.

Our most excellent RF engineers and Microchip engineers work together on RFRemotech Wireless Firing Systems.  Also we have never stopped collecting information from end users. Our manufacturing facility passes ISO9001 Quality System Certification. Most units come with CE, FCC certificates.

We are the original designer and manufacturer of all RFRemotech Wireless Firing Systems.

RFRemotech Wireless Firing Systems adopt following main technologies:

1. Three Firing Modes.

All RFRemotech Firing Systems come with three firing modes:

Mode 1-Dividual Firing. Users can press any of the buttons of transmitter to fire the corresponding cue / module, each time can fire one cue.

Mode 2-Interval Firing. Users can press a button of the interval transmitter to fire 12 / 144 firing modules to fire from 12 cues to 384 cues at the fixed interval. Normally the interval options are from 0ms, 100ms, 200ms to 2 seconds.

Mode 3-Stepper Firing. Users can press STEPPER button of program transmitter to fire 144 / 384 cues one by one, each time fire a cue. It's a very useful function.

2. Music Control Firing.

Intellectualized systems can achieve the function. Through using RFRemotech Wireless Firing Software and Melody Combining Software, audio player will control transmitter, so that can fire fireworks according to melody.

3. MosFets for Heavy Current Output.

All firing modules of RFRemotech Firing Systems adopt MosFet but not mechanical relay, will not fire by hit, fall etc., is safer. On the other hand, MosFets respond to command very promptly, and can work with heavy current while sizes are small, these features lead to excellent performance to firing systems, all RFRemotech Firing Systems come with compact and elegant profile, are convenient to carry and look graceful.

MosFet can flow heavy current. RFRemotech Firing Systems can output from 4 amperes to 15 amperes, can fire most types of igniter / ematch.

4. Learning Code and Encryption Software 

All RFRemotech Firing Systems are Learning Code type, more than 1,000,000 coding combinations prevent the systems from being fired by other RF transmitter unit. And all software is encrypted to ensure the wireless technology advanced and the systems safe.

5. Overload Protection

New version firing systems have Overload Protection. The function is not through fuse, instead is through special design in hardware and firmware. You don't need to worry about short igniter or any misoperation will damage the firing systems and don't need to replace fuse. It is a advanced technology.

6. FSK Modulation

FSK modulation is applied in some of RFRemotech Wireless Firing System like MB32Q, MS32Q & AlphaFire Pro etc., plus optimized program, you will find the system very sensitive while the antijam ability is far better than OOK modulation. In some complicated circumstance with random signals, the systems can still work well.

7. FCC and CE certificated

Most transmitting units and receiver units come with FCC certificate and CE certificate, are legal in the USA and Europe.


MS32Q  32 Cue Firing System

A FSK firing system with 3 firing modes selectable

MS32Q is a FSK 32 cue Wireless Firing System, antijam, sensitive, reliable, is a super worthwhile system with high performance-price ratio.

FSK modulation.

Works from 9V to 27V DC, firing current Max.15 amperes.

Selectable 3 firing modes, Dividual Firing, Interval Firing & Stepper Firing.

Range 200m.

Overload Protection.

Extendable to be a SLAVE unit when is connected to a MASTER unit.

Transmitters and firing module are FCC & CE certified.


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MS12Q 12 Cue Firing System

An easy but not simple system

MS12Q is a 12 cue Wireless Firing System, is the smallest unit of MagicFire Series.

With selectable two powers, works from 6V to 14V DC, firing current Max. 8 amperes.

Selectable two firing modes, Dividual Firing and Interval Firing.

Range 100m.

Overload Protection.

Extendable to be a SLAVE units when is connected to a MASTER unit.

Transmitters and firing module are FCC & CE certified.


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MB32Q  32 Cue Firing System

An Intellectualized System


MB32Q is a powerful and intellectualized 32 cue Wireless Firing System, is a basal unit of MagicFire Series.

  • Can fire any of fireworks at any firing time point, absolute flexible to achieve your purpose;

  • Accuracy 1 millisecond for assigning time points to cues to make you have an ideal show;

  • Limitless firing cues at GROUP SYSTEM, you can make corresponding shows according to different scenes.

  • Visible DEMO in either a PC or local LEDs, everything is in your hands.

  • Music Control, your MP3 player can do it! The perfect match of music and fireworks show is just for you!

  • Friendly and easy PC interface, you will soon master the skills after study of yourself.

  • Selectable 3 firing modes-Dividual Firing, Interval Firing, Program Firing etc., can work out almost all the traditional firings.

  • FSK modulation, more reliable and more steady remote control.

  • Firmware and software remote upgraded available freely, you are having a newest system. It's totally worth it.

  • Extendable to be a SLAVE unit to let you have another excellent application in the future.

  • Others like overload protection, dual powers, grace and compact profiles etc..

  • Comply to FCC & CE.

So many advanced functions,

So great advantage,

So much benefit!



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1x Firing ModulePC32Q

1x Program Transmitter TCF200-6XT

1x Universal Transmitter TCF200-12LN

1x Software Disk

Other Parts: USB Wire, Alligator Clip Wire, Charger, Carry Case etc..

Can work out all functions except Music Control through Audio Player directly.

MB32Q Advanced


1x Firing Module PC32Q

1x Multifunctional Transmitter TCF200-U

1x Software Disk

Other Parts: USB Wire, Alligator Clip Wire, Charger, Audio Control Wire, Signal Divider, Carry Cases etc..

Audio Player can control transmitter through connecting the Audio Control Wire.

SuperbFire  32 Cue Firing System

An old and steady system

SuperbFire is a powerful 32 cue Wireless Firing System, easy to be used.

OOK (ASK) Wireless Radio, 32 cues.

Learning Code, more than one million address code combinations.

Dual powers, can work from 6V to 27V, Max. firing current Max. 15A.

Charging circuit for internal chargeable batteries.

Range 100m.

Overload Protection.

Reverse Protection.

Transmitters and firing module are FCC & CE certified.


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AlphaFire  Single Cue Firing System

A distributed and flexible system


AlphaFire is a distributed single cue system. Handy clips for wiring, ARM-OFF-TEST 3 position switch, easy learning button, special extendable antenna can be folded, short reminder, low power indicator. Based on RFRemotech elegant AlphaFire single cue firing modules RF1A and RF1K, distributed firing systems can be built easily.

AlphaFire systems come with 3 firing modules selectable:

Dividual Firing-A 4 / 12 button transmitter works with 4 / 12 firing modules, each button works with its corresponding module.

Interval Firing-In AlphaFire 12QS, an interval transmitter can work with 12 fixed interval options, press one of the button of the transmitter for example button 0.3, the 12 firing modules will fire one by one at interval 0.3 second. Then in AlphaFire Pro, an interval transmitter can make at most 144 firing modules.

Stepper Firing-Available only for AlphaFire Pro. A Program Transmitter can work with at most 144 firing modules, you can press Stepper button to fire all modules one by one, fire a module each time.

Other features:

Modulation: OOK (1Q, 4Q, 12Q, 12QS), FSK (12Q Pro, 12QS Pro)

Range: 200m, 2000m.

Overload Protection: Yes

Reverse Protection: Yes

Low Power Indication: Yes

Short Warning: Yes

Power: 4x AAA battery

Among transmitters TCF200-12LN, TCF200-12LNX & TCF200-6XT and firing module RF1K come with FCC certificates and CE certificates.


Some combinations below, click images for detailed information.


AlphaFire 1Q

AlphaFire 4Q

Dividual Firing

AlphaFire 12Q

Dividual Firing

AlphaFire 12QS

Dividual & Interval Firing


AlphaFire 12Q Pro

Dividual Firing

AlphaFire 12QS Pro

Dividual & Interval Firing

AlphaFire 12Q+ Pro

Dividual & Stepper Firing


Wireless Firing Systems

AlphaFire Distributed System

MS32Q FSK 32 Cues

MB32Q Intellectualized

MS12Q 12 Cues

SuperbFire 32 Cues