Big Show Firing System OmegaFire Pro

professional firing system

OmegaFire Pro is an advanced fireworks firing system, is a professional version with the ability to fire 100,000 fireworks or more. It is with the following features:
1. Windows computers are used for edit, managing units, synchronization, firing, music control etc..
2. Four types of communications: RF bidirectional, LAN/WLAN, Ethernet, RS485. Whatever situation the system can work the same.
3. 36VDC Super Capacitors are used for firing igniters, and the firing current is absolutely reliable.
4. 90-240VAC powers and internal rechargeable battery.
5. EasyClips save 80% time for users to connect igniters.
6. GPS timing and positioning, timing error is approx 0.001 ms, and units can be found in a map.
7. Main parts are shockproof and waterproof designed, falling will not damage the units.

This system is specially for large scale celebrations like Olympic Games, New Year Eve, National Day etc..
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